I woke up from my fourth major surgery in a year and a half with a fucking spine.

No. Literally.

A seven hour surgery was performed by the magnificent Dr. Mehta at UIC in Chicago on September 27th, 2019, which rebuilt my spine. His notes say it was an “ uneventful procedure”. But I, with so much gratitude, respectfully disagree. The four days I spent in hell following the procedure was actually what some would call a “ spiritual experience” and what others might call an “ adverse medication interaction”.

So allow me to preface this book by saying what stays with you will most likely be based on your own life’s wisdom. Your story will matter too. Also, you, like most, might disagree with the vast majority of all I have to say.

But like I said.
We’re growing a spine over here.

It should be noted that while I was born to communicate, my core motivation in compiling any kernels I may know is; I must honor my family who bridged me back to life.

Because i did not get here alone.

I am a patchwork quilt.

I knew, even when I was sick, that the people who matter the most come swooping into your life sometimes in the most fleeting, unexpected way. We human beings have the honor of stitching together the pieces of them we love the most in an attempt to become who we are.

It is a gift we are born possessing.
We can sew these patches together given time. And keep our tribes warm with them.

Please also note that we are all frayed at the edges. We are ALL in need of mending. We are-every one of us- on a journey to find those joyous things that outweigh the sometimes painful reality we have to reside inside.

And I’m personally sending your sphere love and light as you find, mind, and re-align on your path.

Spread the Love!